Living Waters Anglers

Thank you for checking this out.  My goal with Living Waters Anglers is to provide full service guided fishing and fishing instruction, on water fly casting instruction, and in home fly tying lessons.  My focus is to make the river a comfortable place for you, and to be a functioning part of the fishing community.  If you have any interest in fishing in Oregon, Skagit casting, fly tying, or even hiking into old growth forests and getting to some backwoods hot springs for a soak, I can help, because that’s what I do.  I have lived for adventure and to experience the great things in nature, this is what qualifies me to lead you in your adventures.  With all seasons comes a new something to experience, whether its long summer days salmon fishing, to the cold, solitude, and trophy rainbows of fall in Alaska, to swinging in the rain for steelhead in the winter and spring, to fishing hatches for redbands in the spring in Oregon.  One thing that time on the rivers of Oregon and Alaska can guarantee is an experience that will stay with you.  I fish for fun, the labor I am willing to do is out of passion, because I find the water the best place to be, and I find pleasure in sharing it with others.

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