Alaska 2015 recap


One of the big ones

I am finally getting unwound from a busy season in Alaska.  Busy every day from June till October.  It was an amazing year for fishing up there, and our operation at Fishing Unlimited went off without a hitch.  After two weeks of prep I headed to the Nushagak to camp out with our boats for three weeks, King fishing was fantastic for the most part and met some real good friends.  We had way better days than what we saw last year, and a week of seeing more kings than I ever had dreamed of.  Solid doubles and triples.  It was a good break from hanging spinners and waiting for a springer to come by, to just go out and catch big fish.



The Nush slowed down for a day, we didn’t screw around and try to crack out another good one, we just got out of there, and hit one of the biggest sockeye runs I have seen.  It was just solid for weeks, and easy limits.  No need to run around and try and find them.  It was also hot, and dry, and lots of fires throughout the state, including a couple that were right on the banks of the Nushagak.  We had good mousing on the copper until it just got to low to float, and there were so many sockeye it was hard to bead fish without hooking salmon on the back, or dorsal fin.  The rest of summer was spent catching char in beautiful places and not seeing any other people.  Then fall.

What a way to wrap things up.  Ill start with, Silvers were awesome.  We hit the Nushagak, and the Katmai coast, and it was great.  Lots of limits, lots of big ones.  Silver fishing in Alaska is real fishing.  They are big, fresh, strong fish, and they are eager to grab.  We do a lot of fly fishing, and a lot of guys just fish dry flies all day.  We also fish gear, and its simple and fun.  I can’t stress it any more, that fishing for silvers up there is something every anglers should make a point to do at some point in their lives.


A true hog

And to finish the season, trophy rainbows.  I think the trout in Alaska may be the strongest fish I know.  Take that for what it means, I hear about bonefish, and permit, but I don’t know, I’m haven’t fish saltwater, Ive fished rivers, and I know trout, and these are some of the best.  We fished Lower Talarik, and the Kvichak, along with a few other spots just to keep you guessing.  It was great, some of the rivers up there have really rebounded from some low years, and a lot of trout didn’t get harassed this year because there was too much food in the system.  Too many eggs can make things difficult for catching, but I have to alway remember, if fish are too hard to get because they have too much food, then they are better for it.  They should be super fish next season.  We did get some hogs.  Everywhere we went we had good days, with some of the biggest trout I have ever seen.  It looks like a good future up there for the rainbows, lots of good breeding age fish, and lots of food, I am looking forward to years to come.  If your interested in coming up get ahold of Martin at Fishing Unlimited.