With three weeks of intense rain we didn’t fish very much in December.  A couple scouting trips between floods, blow downs, and landslides made it exciting though.  Now the first winter storms are over, the rivers have come into good shape, and the fish are here.  We have had a slow start, but now that water levels have stabilized, somewhat, the fish are starting to give themselves up a little easier.  Now its cold, makes me glad I’m from Michigan, and glad to have a propane heater to bring along.  One thing nice about the cold is that we have had days all to ourselves, We saw one boat in the stretch of water we fished on Saturday.  Sometimes you just have to go where you know the fish are, and that’s where everyone else is, and sometimes your just lucky.

Rivers should be in good shape for a while now.  They are dropping, but slowly.  I have a little bit of stuff in the plans for this week.  If you want to do a trip let me know, because this season will be over before you know it.