We have had an amazing summer and fall in Alaska.  From start to finish the rainbows have been fat.  I don’t think I have ever seen the trout as healthy as they were this spring, not your typical post spawn softies, but firm, well fed on smolts and eager to crush a leech or mouse.  And it just kept getting better.  We were a little behind on the kings, but the first two days I was on the Nushagak were non stop hookups.  If you’re gear was in the run you were going to get bit, constant doubles and triples.  Sockeye fishing was easy limits, with delicious shore lunches of fresh fish cooked on a fire.  The char fishing on Fish River, and in Katmai Park was great.  Pinks, every cast.  Silvers on the coast were big bright and plentiful.  And, my favorite, the fall trout fishing has been phenomenal.

You need to see Alaska at least once in your life.  Its a special place.  The scenery alone is worth the trip.  Some places, even up here, can bring a crowd, but theres a reason for it, there is nothing else like it anywhere on the planet.  For the most part, at least where we fish, we are alone.  Thats one of our things, we tend to do our own thing at Fishing Unlimited.  I think thats why I like it here, I know we are different form the rest.  We catch fish, we catch trophy trout, we relax, we nap on the tundra, we fly around in beautiful places, and we have tons of fun.

Another season down, thats 12 for me up here.  And in a few days I will be back in Oregon and will be fishing for salmon, trout, and summer steelhead right away.  I am looking forward to seeing friends, and getting back behind the oars.  Most importantly, I will be getting some much needed rest after a long season in Alaska.