Hello Friends.

I am looking forward to getting back in the swing of things.  This fall has been busy for me since I have been back from Alaska.  A lot of changes have been made, the business name, a new truck, and an upgrade on my captains license.  Many things moving in the right direction.  I felt like the fall chinook season got away from me a little bit, but when I got out it was successful.  I was busy studying for my 6-pack, and am happy to be able to run the kicker on the drift boat, and I am thrilled to be working towards getting a sled.

I am really excited for winter steelhead.  Prime dates (January-Febuary) are filling, so get ahold of me and book while I still have some options.  Last year was pretty spectacular, and I am expecting nothing less.  I am mostly fishing the Alsea, Siuslaw, and I hope to fish the Umpqua a little more this winter, but we will see.  It all depends on water levels, so it is good to have the Options.

I hope everyone is doing well, and having a happy Holiday season with friends and family.