Alaska Bound

May 31st 2017

Thats a wrap for now.  Thank you to all who fished with me this fall winter and spring.  It wasn’t without its challenges, and only time will tell what the future will hold.  I am forever great full to all of you who have helped along the way, as this is my dream, and passion to be on the water, through this I have met some of the best people I could have imagined.  And you have helped!

I will be headed to Alaska to guide for the summer.  I will be back in October and will be ready for fall chinook.  We will be focusing on fishing the lower Siuslaw/tidewater bobber fishing and back bouncing eggs, and I hope to do at least a little on the fly if it’s going well.  Its too early to tell but I am planning to head down to the the Elk and Sixes around thanksgiving.  Last years egg bite on the Slaw was pretty decent compared to a lot of the reports I got from other places nearby, so I hope for the same.  Let me know If you want to hold a spot, I plan on being busy, so it’s nice to have your name on the board to get a good spot.  I hope you all have a wonderful and safe summer.  I will have a temporary phone number while I am up north, if you want to make plans for when I get back please use the contact form, and send an email or call the 907 number.