About Me

Hello, my name is Josh Moody, the owner, builder, and guide for this program.  I would rather not talk about myself, but if you fish with me, I’ll be the guy your with all day, so here’s a little about myself.  I have been fishing for as long as I can remember.  My mom has an old picture of myself holding a bass, I was wearing a big smile, and a diaper.  I think my mom told me I didn’t actually catch that fish, but I’m sure I was still fascinated by it. Fish have always had my attention, maybe obsession is a better word.  I am from Michigan where I would have fished catfish, bass, and bluegill, but the fish that caught me were the trout.  My family has a piece of land in Northern Michigan where the water springs out of the ground, there are creeks there that support brook and brown trout.  I grew up under the guidance of my grandfather, walking these creeks and learning their ways.  More than anything I like where fish live.  I find the rivers in Oregon are like big blow ups of these creeks I grew up fishing.  I fish for fun.  I do not fish for trophies, and I don’t fish for meat.  I like to eat fish, and nothing gets my adrenaline pumping more than a real trophy and the anticipation of beating personal big fish, but I do not let numbers, and catching get in my way of the experience of being out there.  There is not a wild steelhead that doesn’t leave me shaking when I release it, and there isn’t a hatchery fish I am not thankful for at the table, and with every bite come memories and dreams, I know how special that is.  I would hope my motivation to be on the water would be to leave behind any showmanship, and be a little hidden from the crowds.  I would choose to go to the river and hopefully learn something, have fun, and meet other anglers.  Since I was a teenager I have studied fishing like it was a trade, not really caring if it would pan out, or give me way to make a living, but I liked it, and I just couldn’t do something I didn’t like doing.  The life I have chosen has not always been easy, but has always been filled with excitement, and has led to happiness and contentment, what more could I ask for.

“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.”

Henry David Thoreau


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