IMG_0550.JPGAlaska should be on everyone’s bucket list, and most importantly the fisherman’s bucket list.  I think the word extreme sums it up.  Long summer days, rivers full of salmon, grayling on every cast, and rainbows that can dwarf the salmon.  Not to mention hopping in an airplane every day to get to some far off destination, that may not only be beautiful, but productive, come back for a soak in the hot tub and a gourmet meal, and rest for the night in a cozy cabin.  I have found a position working for Fishing Unlimited, and I don’t bat an eye to say it is the best place to fish out of up there.  There are other lodges to choose from, but if your going all that way why?  From June to October, we work the rivers within flying distance from Lake Clark National Park.  Martin, the owner, and Dave have over 50 years combined experience flying and  guiding for Fishing Unlimited, the guides and I live to fish.  And we all love what we are doing up there, and nothing makes us happier than to see your expectations exceeded.  But I should leave the rest for their site to explain.

Alaska’s Fishing Unlimited

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