fly fishing steelhead

Steelhead 2017/18

November 14 2017

Hello there everyone.  Salmon season is all but over, and I will be taking a break until January when I will be ready to do steelhead trips.  The plan at this point is to be fishing the Siuslaw, Smith, and Siletz rivers with the drift boat, and fishing the Umpqua system with the Jet.  Dates are already filling up, so the best way to get at the front of the line will be to get on my Calendar.  Call or email to talk dates.

Thanks for everyone who made the season in Alaska, and Fall Chinook memorable and possible.

I cannot say enough about Alaska, but most importantly I will tell you to get up there if you haven’t been, and get up there as soon as you can.  We had an amazing summer of fishing, and most importantly we had tons of fun.