Spring 2016


We can’t complain about much.  The weather has been co-operating, aside from some wind and a little hail.  The trout have been real players too.  It’s such a nice time to be out on the river here in Oregon, and trout fishing is a nice break from winter steelhead.  We’ve been fishing the Willamette and Mckenzie for redsides and cutthroat, and fishing has been good, with hatches spread throughout the mid day, and evening, good dry fly action.  Its relaxing, being able to fish in flip flops and shorts, with a hoodie under the seat for when it gets cool, compared to living in Gore-Tex from head to toe.  This is what we love about it, with each season comes a break, along with hopes and expectations.  Let me know if you want to get out, I will be around until the first week of June, and I will then be in Alaska into October.

Winter steelhead fishing was great.  We had lots of multiple fish days on the swing, and managed to stay away from the crowds for the most part.  Those of you who have fished with me know I like to catch fish, and I like it even more If we can do it in peace and solitude.  Not a lot of people go where I go, and I am fine with that.  But yeah, it was real!

If you want to fish steelhead next winter you will want to book as soon as possible.  February is already filling up, but January is still open, and I plan to fish steelhead into the first week of March or so, we will see how it goes.  I am looking into lodging options through Air B&B so we don’t have to make such a long trek to hit it, it’s the drive back home that gets me.   So get ahold of me, and we will put some fun together.

Tight Lines