The Guide

My name is Josh Moody I am the owner and guide.  Being on the water and hosting others out there gives me a lot of joy.  I have had a lot of fun building a fishing program in Oregon and guiding in Alaska.  I have always been a fisherman, and never plan to stop.  I hold a Near Costal OUPV captains license with the US Coast Guard.  I run an 18′ River Hawk sled with an 80hp Yamaha jet, and drift with an 18′ koffler drift boat.  I focus on fishing the water within about a two hour drive from Eugene Oregon.  Guiding has given me a lot of amazing experiences, seeing wildlife, feeling the weather, and meeting different people I would have never had the chance to meet.  I enjoy using a variety of tactics trying not to pigeon hole myself and fishermen into being a single type, so the tactics I employ range from pulling plugs, bobber fishing, bobber dogging, fly fishing, and centerpinning.

One of the big things I hold dear in regards to running a business is that the business is not just for me.  I use the business to give to various organizations dealing with conservation, ethics, humanitarian aid, and the arts.  The Mckenzie river fly fishers, Cascadia Wildlands, and The Fly Fishing Collaborative are some that I give to by donating trips.  It makes me happy to give, as I have an abundance, and am glad to have something to share.  I encourage you to learn about and to give to these groups as you see fit.

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